ACN Series


Thanks to the encapsulated active ingredients, they provide a faster absorption and the encapsulated active ingredients are easily absorbed into the skin layer. Ecocert compatible entities encapsulated with a new generation encapsulation system; Leptospermone, Salicylic Acid, Glycery encapsulated with a new generation encapsulation system; Leptospermone, , Salicylic Acid, Glycery Behenate, Lecithin, Flavesone, Isoleptospermone, cocoa seed oil and Willow Tree shell extract Flavesone, salicylic acid and willow tree shells provide evidence if the effect of the proven effects of acne and acne in the form of capsules.

Eco caps are encapsulated in the ecocert vegetable cosmetic standards, with no new chemical plant encapsulation system, without using any chemicals the assets are confined to the structure can pass faster than the skin cell. These capsules can easily enter the skin. Triptonol, without irritating the skin, ingratiating, acting sincerely See Fig. 1.1 (qualyns ACN serum action mechanism)

USAGE: It should be applied by massaging the face twice a day.

ACN Oily Skin Cream

Too much sun exposure can leave your skin at risk for acne breakouts and spotting. Qualyns ACN-Oily Face Cream is a dual-action cream that not only helps prevent pore clogging and premature aging of the skin. Cream contains antioxidant herbal ECOCAPSULIN TRIPTONOL.

This active ingredient is prepared with naturel ingredients that help your skin fight against free radicals. Provides balance of sebaceous balancing of your skin. Helps you achieve a matte look. The new generation of lubricants in their ingredients are so mild that they have taken the name of dry oil. Do not apply to the eyes and the lips.


When used regularly with other Qualyns acne products with its special formula, it provides balancing, moisturizing and more vivid appearance of the skin’s balance. Balances the normal flora of the skin with balanced Ph.

Anti Acne Masks

Helps to clean the skin by absorbing the excessive oil on skin helps to remove dirt in pores and moisture skin by enriched formula with salicilic acid and tea tree oil provides you a soft and clean skin.

Charcoal Brightening Face Sheet Mask

Qualyns Brightening Charcoal Face Mask enriched with bamboo charcoal powder, helps to balance excess sebum and reduce the appearance of pores. Perfects and brightens with pink grapefruit to create high luminosity and visibly minimize irregularities.