Cabin Sizes

Face Cleansing Gel – Cabin Sizes

Used on all skin types. Thanks to its multivitamin plant complex, it gently cleans the oil and dirt filled into the pores. Leaves skin healthy & dull.

Face Cleansing Milk – Cabin Sizes

Deeply cleans pores Provides optimal moisture balance to skin by completely removing dirt and makeup residues. Powered by aloevera and shea butter. In this way, it immediately balances the skin’s sensitivity to external factors and makes it ready for maintenance.

Refreshing Tonic – Cabin Sizes
Dry & Sensetive Skin

Cleans, purifies and purifies contaminated skin and provides a more vibrant appearance. Provides Ph balance. Moisturizes dry skin.

Refreshing Tonic – Cabin Sizes
Normal & Oily Skins

It cleans your normal and oily skin deeply with witch nut and rose water in its content. Witch nut oil is effective againist black spots. It tightens the pores of the skin, reduces the formation of acne and provides the balance of the skin.

Moisturising Cream – Cabin Sizes
Normal & Mixed Skin

It provides the balance of moisture needed for normal and mixed skin that has lost its moisture with its active organic ingredients (maple, blue agave). It fights the feeling of tension on the skin that has lost its moisture thanks to the soothing effect of organic hazelnut juice. 30 spf.

Eye Countuar Cream – Cabin Sizes

The exclusive formulation, special three-way cream helps to protect your skin from external influences and to preserve the skin’s own structure. It is effective againist wrinkles around the eyes, under-eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.